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Experience Wellness at the Natural Path Clinic in Edmonton

Anne Mageau, Owner and Clinical Director

Anne has over 25 years of healing work experience. Her work has mostly been in the area of chronic pain, neurofunctional pain, digestive disorders, PTSD, metabolic dysfunction and spiritual distress. She has over 5,000 hours of training in Naturopathic medicine, natural medicine and manual medicine. She is the owner of three busy integrated clinical practices. Her work specializes in neurofunctional pain treatments, combining years of experience in massage, Chinese medicine, cranial sacral therapy, homeopathic and energy medicine. She has a Doctorate of Natural Medicine, (a registered trademark with the Canadian Examining Board of Natural Medicine) and the International Association of Doctors of Natural Medicine. She is a Registered Massage Therapist, a Nutritional Consultant, Orthomolecular Practitioner and a homeopathic and herbal clinician. She has a Doctorate in Indigenous People's Knowledge. She is currently participating in post-Doctoral health research. She has been a sessional faculty member at UNBQ for over 15 years and teaches in the Indigenous Health Sciences, Social Work and LPN Programs.

Established in 1988, The Natural Path Clinic is a multi disciplined health practice with 12 health professionals on staff serving Edmonton, Alberta and the surrounding areas.

The Natural Path Clinic has been healing and working with Albertans and Northern communities for over 25 years and services the community providing natural health care, holistic teaching and healing experiences to achieve balance in spirit, heart, mind and body while honoring and respecting the individual and the environment.

Advantages Over Our Competitors
The Natural Path Clinic offers services and solutions not commonly found in other clinics, such as:

  • Specialized Chronic Pain Treatments
  • Medical Cold Laser Treatments
  • Energy Medicine
  • Customized Weight Loss Programs
  • Natural Organic Spa Treatments
  • Max Pulse Evaluation
  • PTSD/Grief Loss Programs
  • Advanced Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) Sessions
  • Advanced Cranio Sacral Therapy
  • Essential Oil Personalized Treatment
  • Personal Attention
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Clinic Updates

We will be welcoming midwives to our clinic shortly with a vision of a birthing centre in 2017.

Nooreen Sumar ND is currently on maternity leave and will be connecting with us intermittently.

We wish to welcome Tyler Houle and Nadia Houle to the clinic. Tyler began working with the clinic over the winter and continues to bring a positive healing environment to his work. Nadia has just started with us and brings with her a focus on pre-natal acupuncture.

Bob Hurst will continue Chiropractic Care @the clinic but only part time as he transitions into retirement.

Marie Mageau has accepted a second term at the Edmonton Nurses Union as President and will not be doing any sports and maternity massage for another year.

We are excepting some new health practitioners this year. Check back for updates.

Namaste Be Well!

Phn: 780-471-2361 | Fax: 780-471-1924
10869 – 96 Street Edmonton, AB, T5H 2K2